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Hi There! My name is April and I am a wife, a mother (to my Mini Schnauzer Marley) and a hairstylist! I created this blog to share with family and friends my hobby of Card Making. This is where the title for my blog came from. I always have a small notebook in my purse for the epiphanies that I need to write down before I forget. Sometimes I’m in a craft store and ill purchase random things that I have no clue what to do with at the moment but I know when I get home ill have an epiphany for a craft or card! Sometimes it could be in the grocery store in some isle all of a sudden I have a great idea or a recipe!

Slowly this has turned into a fun lifestyle blog where I can share so much more than my cards. I have a passion anything miniature, green tea, cooking, fashion, hair, and the TV series Greys Anatomy!

Here you will see the occasional recipe or card that was proud enough of the share with the rest of the world. Because I love simplicity, the majority of them will be easy and quick to make and “husband approved”!

Being a hairstylist, I like to share the tips, tricks, and hints that I teach my clients behind the chair! I consider myself a borderline product junkie, I am subscribed to Ipsy and will share the bags that I get each month as well as other products that I love and think are worth sharing.

Anything in between that I may have posted may be the daily thoughts that I may have, fun experiences I have had lately or interesting subjects I come across.

This site is also for dialog! Hearing back from family, friends, and those of you who have stumbled upon this page is always welcome! If you have a recipe to share, a card that you made, or a question on hair and beauty, I would love to see it!




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